My Summer Reading Map!

This summer I definitely plan on increasing my book load but I don’t have an exact plan because as we all know, life is crazy and never goes the way we want it to.  I’m setting an ambitious goal and saying I will read one book every two days.  As crazy as my life is with my work schedule, softball league and family matters I think a book every two days is going to be challenging enough.  But I am definitely up for the challenge!

My TBR list consists of a lot of fiction because that is one of my favorite genres but I am also going to push more toward non-fiction and autobiographies to expand my horizons a little.  I’ve never been into the real stories but I want to challenge myself more this summer so why not try something I’ve never ventured to before! One autobiography I really want to get into is the story of Nelson Mandela called “Long Walk to Freedom”.  I’ve always been a real history nerd so any autobiography that has to do with someone who did something amazing (or not so amazing) would be my go-to.  I did read “The Diary of Anne Frank” in high school so I’m one book in on this genre!

Some more books on my TBR list include: “Paper Towns” by John Greene 7181669595_ec99076126_b, “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, The Divergent series, the other eleven books of “The Shade of Vampire” series, “To Kill a Mockingbird (have started it), “Lord of the Flies” untitled.png, “Animal Farm”, “Pride and Prejudice”…just to name a few!

This summer is going to be a challenge to read a book every two days but I am up for the challenge.  I plan on reading at work when I have time to myself, when I have days off and I’m doing laundry or something, I plan on reading a lot at the coffee houses around Chadron just because coffee is my peace and reading would just be the cherry on top of that perfect sundae! I plan on reading whenever I go and visit my parents and I’ll definitely read with my mom because she loves to read as well.  Basically if there is a free minute in my day you can bet that I will be reading!

I’m anxious to see what this summer brings in the sense of challenging myself and reading more books than I ever have before! I really want to stick with my goal of reading one book every two days but it will be hard.  Does anyone have any good tips on how to keep myself from veering off my reading path?  Any suggestions would be helpful!

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6 thoughts on “My Summer Reading Map!

  1. I am also excited for summer to get here. This semester has gone by so fast! I hope you complete your goal of reading this summer. I know life happens, but we all can try our best to meet our goals. I hope you have a great summer!

  2. A book every two days does look pretty ambitious with the schedule you have going. I really want to read Paper Towns as well. You’ll have to let me know how it goes. 🙂

  3. One way I keep to ambitious reading goals is to liberally sprinkle in graphic novels and nonfiction (and verse novels!). There are a lot of great graphic novels that actually combine your two interests–nonfiction and autobio. Check out the Orbis Pictus book award too–it’s for nonfiction, given by NCTE, and honors a ton of great nonfiction for YA–lots of pictures usually too which means fast reading!

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