YALSA: Teen Read Week and Teen Book Finder

This site is amazing!  The first thing that caught my attention was the Teen Read Week.  This happens nationally every year on the same week as Columbus day and the dates for this year are Oct. 9th-15th.  YALSA started this in order to encourage more teens to read more!  I love it and the theme they are going with this year is “Read for the Fun of it!”.  How awesome is that?! They even have celebrities for this and the one for this year is Bella Thorne.  She started out as a small T.V. actress and has grown over the years.  I’ve read some about her and apparently she was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was younger.  She has given interviews where she talks about her diagnosis and how she has overcome it.  She really is an inspiration to young adults who may have dyslexia or some other kind of reading disorder and I think YALSA made the right choice in picking her to be a spokesperson.

Another real cool thing I found was the YALSA’s Teen Book Finder!  It’s an app that I actually downloaded on my phone and you can look for books by author, genre, etc.  I looked under mystery and found “The Secret Service: Kingsman”.  From what I know already, that is a movie which I have seen but I didn’t know it was a book.  I have added it to my TBR! I also found another genre that I had never even heard of and it’s called Chidlren’s Humor.  There was a book underneath it called “Creepy Carrots!”creepy carrots

Picture CC by: flickr.com

It sounded pretty interesting to say the least and I have also added it to my TBR!  This app is great and I suggest you add it to your phone if you need help finding books.

I had never heard of YALSA until now and it is a great site that everyone should familiarize themselves with.  Especially for teachers or future teachers because it has some great book find on it, authors and publishers to follow, activities and conferences to attend and so much more.  If you haven’t read about it, do it!  You wont regret it!


10 thoughts on “YALSA: Teen Read Week and Teen Book Finder

  1. Dyslexia is quite common and it will not stop you from learning. Dyslexia is not a sign of low intelligence, laziness or poor vision. Dyslexia affects the way our brains processes the written and spoken language, it does not go away nor are you miraculously cured. Those that have been diagnosed with dyslexia are usually very creative and successful at thinking outside the box.

    • I have never actually met someone who has dyslexia but I can only imagine what they go through. They really are an inspiration to everyone because of the difficulties they overcome!

  2. Wyoming Jen says:

    I’ve had the Teen Book Finder app on my phone for a couple of years, but I had never connected it to YALSA before this past week. It is a great resource for readers who liked this book but don’t know where to go next.
    I really liked your recap of Teen Read Week. It is something that I saw on the site and loved as well. How would you implement it in your classroom? Would you do some sort of challenge or activity with your students?
    Thanks for the awesome review!

  3. Good Reads and YALSA are the two major resources that I have been astounded by this semester. I love both of them because I can find an entire list of books by certain authors or genres. They are amazing resources for finding books that interest me. I enjoyed reading!

  4. That teen book finder app sounds great. I will have to get connected to it. The book about the carrots is good! My children love it. I will have to look into that genre!

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