Teen readers and social media

So the first thing I found was that 81% of tech-savvy teens use social networking sites.  Of that, 76% use Facebook, 24% use Twitter, a quarter of teens use Instagram, one in seven use Pinterest and one in ten use Tumblr.  Just so everyone knows, teens do use different social media websites and a good portion of them use the one that is most common to us, Facebook.  I just thought that was an interesting set of data for everyone to grasp.

So as I was doing some research, I found the what I assume is the jackpot to the question we have to answer!  Okay so here we go!

Shelfari: you can create your own “bookshelf”, add books to it, connect with other book lovers and learn more about your favorite book! Did I mention it is all for free and anyone can use it!

One of my favorites is goodreads.  This site is great because you can get books recommended to you by your friends, keep track of what you’re reading and what you want to read. I have my own account and I love it! It is so easy to connect with others and get great book recommendations. It is like my own personal library. Oh and this site is also free!

Just these two sites alone could prove worthy for teens.  They can use them for all of the reasons I said above and they are also easy to start and maintain.  Why anyone wouldn’t want to join them, especially teens, is beyond me.  And I’m pretty sure some of these can sign up with Facebook so your friends on Facebook could easily see what you’re reading and maybe get connected! If you see the numbers I talked about above and you do the math, teens could be affecting more lives than they realize by just signing up with a couple of these websites!

I’m going to post the link to this website I found so anyone can see the gloriousness I found!



2 thoughts on “Teen readers and social media

  1. I LOVE goodreads. Seriously. It’s incredible. I love combing through the books I have read and being able to make a list of those I want to read. It’s a library and shopping list that’s available at my fingertips. I’m so glad you have it listed on this post!

  2. I had never heard of Shelfari before reading your blog! It’s so cool! I love goodreads, but I will also be using shelfari. Even social media sites like Facebook and pinterest can be used to share thoughts on book with your friends and to find books you want to read. There are a lot of pin boards on pinterest about literature. And you can connect with authors on facebook and twitter. I enjoyed reading your stats, great blog post!

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