“If I Stay”…book review (week 10)

MV5BMjI4NjkxODMyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODYwODQ5MTE@__V1_UY1200_CR89,0,630,1200_AL_So I’m not sure if this book is young adult or not but I own it and I wanted to read it…again. I think it is just because “The Fault in our Stars” is and they run along the same lines.  Now I’ve read the book and seen the movie and they’re both good in my opinion but if I have to be honest, the book is better.  The books are always better than any movie that follows them, in my opinion.

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So if any of you have heard of this story, you know it is about a quiet girl who basically falls in love with a boy who she never thought would’ve noticed her.  They both lead different lives.  She’s the quiet and shy one who is into classical music and she hopes to get a scholarship to a prestigious school. And Adam, the love of her life, is the lead guitarist of his own band and leads a more rock-n-roll kind of lifestyle.  They fall in love just like you would expect but they have a tough road ahead of them.  Mia must choose between her scholarship or Adam.  But she doesn’t even get to make the decision because of a fatal car crash involving her parents and brother.

Of course her parents die in the crash and she is left alone with her brother.  To make the book an even more “on-the-edge” kind of read, Mia is caught in a dimension between life and death and only she has the power to wake up or pass on. 4374400

It might sound like your everyday run of the mill kind of love story where the guy and the girl fall in love but they are too different to really be together in reality but they make it somehow and when they do, something terrible happens that leaves the readers on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen.  Even though we already know what will happen.  Even with all of that wonderful plot and story line, I still love this book! I’m a sucker for books like this but I don’t know why!?

If you haven’t read it but have watched the movie, I would suggest reading the book.  You may like it and you may hate it to the very tip of your core.  But at least you will have read something new!

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13 thoughts on ““If I Stay”…book review (week 10)

  1. Wyoming Jen says:

    A Google search says “If I Stay” is a YA. I’ve seen many middle school students with the book in their hands, but I never had a desire to read it….
    Until now!
    Does the movie (which I haven’t seen) follow as closely with the book as “The Fault In Our Stars” does? I’ve certainly added it to my TBR now!

  2. Most of the time I think the book is far better than the movie. I haven’t seen the movie for this one, but have read the book and really liked it. A number of my students (7th – 9th) really liked the book also.

  3. This sounds absolutely heartbreaking! I myself am a person who judges movies that were books first by their interpretation of the spirit of the text, so I usually enjoy movies from books as well as the books.

  4. If I Stay is a Ya book. There is also a second one, if you didn’t know, called Where She Went. I really loved this book. I thought it was going to be so corny when my sister first recommended it, but I was wrong. I agree that this book is so much more than a corny love story. I have not watched the movie. Does it stick to the book? Awesome blog post!

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