Wanted: Books of all kinds-Needed in my classroom library!!

So as I was reading these two pieces tonight, I became a little intimidated…not even lying. But I’m also really excited to start my own collection of books and then let my students read all of the glorious titles! I think as of right now I have close to 20 books. I’m a little ashamed but hey, I’m only 21 and on a college student’s budget. But trust me when I say I plan to expand that over time and get close to Sarah Andersen’s amount…1,000 (whoa!). Yeah be envious of that collection. I can only imagine what books she has.

Interior_view_of_Stockholm_Public_Library.jpgPicture CC by: commons.wikimedia.org I only wish my classroom library was able to be this big!

These readings gave a lot of great advice about how to start up your own classroom library especially if you are on a budget. That caught my attention right away. I really like the idea of fundraisers and somehow getting parents involved as well is awesome! They get a chance to know the teacher and see what she/he has planned for their kids. It also gives the students and teachers to build a strong front in their relationship.

 I love Penny Kittle because she is just so brutally honest. When her books go missing, there is nothing she can do except reorder the same series. If you have a lot of popular series in your library, that is a lot of money! But going to Sarah’s post, she makes a list of missing books and then gives extra credit to the kids who return them. Who doesn’t love a little extra credit? Both ladies have great ideas. One is honest and says there really isn’t anything you can do about it and the other still gives a little hope to those teachers who don’t want to give up their money just yet.  I’ll be sure to take both into consideration!

I cannot wait to see one of my students pick up a book and start reading it. To get that to happen, I’m going to decorate my library a little. I want to put a big sign above it and say “FREE OF CHARGE!”. Push them a little to pick up a book. So now that I have written this post, anyone have any books they would like to donate?! Living on a budget here people!


3 thoughts on “Wanted: Books of all kinds-Needed in my classroom library!!

  1. Yes, NCTE will be your friend. I hope you can go this year. I can’t wait to have a classroom library and make it awesome. None of my teachers had a very good classroom library, the majority were stretching to have 20 books. I hope you can grow your library into something spectacular!

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