CC picture by: http://www.nationalbook.org

Hey everyone! So this week I read “Lockdown” by Walter Dean Myers!

It is a great book and I recommend it to anyone! It follows the story of a boy named Reese. He is in juvenile jail right now but gets a second chance at getting freed by getting placed at the senior center. He becomes “friends” with an older man who roughs him up a little bit. When I say that I mean he gives him a hard time only to help him realize that he is special and he does deserve a second chance.

My reading response this week was tweeting Walter Myers and telling him I really appreciated his book.Walter_Dean_Myers_Naypl_Ambassador I told him it is nice to know that there are some adults in the world who think kids are special and they deserve second chances when they don’t think so themselves. Kids are special things and they deserve to know that we think they are special. When kids get thrown into juvenile jail, they think they are bad and don’t deserve anything but jail time. It’s a sad thing but it doesn’t take much time to let them know they are more than what they think they are.  CC picture by: en.wikipedia.org

I picked this book thinking it was going to be about some prisoners escaping but it doesn’t even involve real prison. It’s about delinquents and everything I said above. Please check it out! It’ll be worth your time!


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