A Challenge, a banning and self-censorship.

Okay, what has the literate world come to? Challenges and bannings sound like we are going into the arena to fight to the death.Fedor_Bronnikov_010.jpg If you think about it, though, we kind of are. We are fighting against everyone who brings up “challenges” and “bannings” in order to keep the literate world alive and well! That means keeping every book on the shelf. And I mean every book that anyone has ever thought to be inappropriate. (Picture CC by: en.wikipedia.org) See, my thoughts are all about letting anyone, and I do mean anyone, experience what this world has to offer and what the world actually entails. I don’t think you can get that from anything besides a book. Books are the truth and they will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. They talk about every subject known to man. From homosexuality and religion to war and violence. They cover it all and all of it is happening in the world today. I’ve always thought that when books are banned it’s because some adults do not want others to know just how horrible the world is. And that’s not me trying to be mean but I’m just being honest. People are going to have a rude awakening when they realize the perfect world they were told they were living in isn’t so perfect. The youngest generation of readers needs books that talk about these kind of things. They need to study up and prepare themselves for what they are getting into. And we should give our kids a little credit. Just because they read about war and violence does not mean they are going to go out and buy a gun. Just because they read about homosexuals does not mean they will turn out to be one. If anything, it will empower them to further their knowledge on this subject and learn about it from others. They NEED these kinds of texts in their lives! It is a must!

Kind of going off of what I ranted above up there, I’ve had to come out of my reading comfort zone a lot in the last two weeks! I read a book dealing with LGBTQ, which I really don’t have any prior knowledge of, and it was interesting to say the least. Did I feel uncomfortable at times? shy-544715_960_720

Picture CC by: pixabay.com

More like 80% of the book but I did learn a lot from it. I feel accomplished when I’ve learned something new and the fact that I got it from a book makes it that much better! See, normally, I stick with sci-fi, fiction, fantasy and romance kind of novels. You can see the dilemma I had while reading that book…!

I believe your own perception of a book is your business, but do NOT make it out to be the bad guy for everyone else. Just because you may not like a certain book does not mean someone else won’t enjoy it. We are all different and we all have our beliefs about everything. Books are the same.imagesBGCMXQT7 They are all different to conform to our differences. No book should be challenged or banned because it is deemed “violent” or “sexually provocative”. Those kinds of books need to be in the public eye for the reason they are being banned. They tell the truth and people do not like the truth.


Picture CC by: en.wikipedia.org

Looking into the future, I see LGBTQ books lining the shelves of my classroom. My students will learn the struggles and the differences that those characters go through and see what the world is actually like. I may get into trouble for that but I believe it is necessary for them to be true readers.  They need to read everything!


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