Adults are done being Adulting Adulters

I got a few things from the readings this week although I’m sure there are more. First of all, I read that more adults are coming into YA lit themselves and it is becoming very popular. I would like to say that it’s because YA lit rocks and it is never boring. Maybe adults like to fantasize about what it was like to be a teen.imagesK3YGYUBS

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I know I love reading YA lit and I’m barely out of my teen years. I think it’s because those years were the craziest, hardest, greatest, funniest and most lovable years of my life (so far). Everyone wants to relive their days when they met their first crush or when they got their first car to take their first crush to their first prom. Everyone loves that stuff! If you don’t, you didn’t have a very fun teenage life and there are no memories you want to relive. I love how this style of literature is becoming popular with adults because everything else teenagers associate with themselves like music and technology is criticized or ignored by adults. Literature like this gives teens and adults a happy-medium. Adults get to see the new challenges teenagers face every day while teens find new ways of dealing with those problems. Everyone wins!

I love Shannon Hale’s post and what she said about these being the times when teens can make mistakes, be messy and fall in love. That’s what life is all about, right?me and my love We find ourselves and what makes us tick. We find new and exciting ways to live and celebrate life all while trying to survive high school, heart ache, friends, and parents. Teens have the right to get lost in literature that speaks to them on a personal level. They have the right to discover themselves while reading. Personally, I think that is the best way to find out your true self. I’ve always been for teens reading and I think it needs to happen more and it has been, so why are adults criticizing over what they are reading? They are expanding their minds and using their imagination. What is wrong with that? Nothing!

Okay so I really only had one thing I wanted to talk about but the readings for this week were great and I know they would get a lot of conversations going! I love YA literature because I can lose myself and I can relive my teen days like they were yesterday. I love fantasy because it is something new and different and completely out of this world. I get to think outside of the box when I read it. I’m pretty sure all of the books on my kindle, or at least 90% of them, are fantasy. It is my absolute favorite and I just can’t get enough!  My favorite series so far is A Shade of Vampire!17255435(Picture by: There are 18 books in the series and they are so addicting! I’m only on the second book but I plan to read all 18 by the end of the semester! I recommend this series to anyone who loves fantasy or who doesn’t read much of the genre!


7 thoughts on “Adults are done being Adulting Adulters

  1. asimplebookaddiction says:

    My kids were watching TV this morning so I was hiding in my warm bed reading. My husband decided to be an adult and got up to clean up breakfast…then he came in, grabbed a book and announced he was “done adulting,” so your title made me laugh. And I haven’t been a teen for well over a decade, but I still love the passion for everything that youth seem to have and that adults are often missing, and YA books reflect that. It is great and refreshing to “relive,” as you say that teenage feeling.

  2. christianburesh says:

    I’m one of those that don’t want to go back in time and relive their teenage years. Still, I read young adult literature because we need to have a sense of understanding what teenagers (our students) are experiencing from a mundane-to-crisis basis. I think it makes me just a tiny bit more sympathetic to their plight.

  3. I am not sure I would like to relive my teen years either but I would like to connect with my future students someday and reading young adult literature is a great way to do. Maybe not everything in those books applies to students but if you are reading the same books as your students it is a great conversation starter. I love fantasy as well! We should talk!

    • Your students should know that you read as well and reading the same book as them is a great way to do that. Like you said, it is a great conversation starter. I’ve gotten told that not a lot of people would like to revisit their teen years. Some were good and others should be left on the very top shelf…I totally get that!

  4. Your post was awesome! I am a lover of fantasy as well, you probably knew that, and love suggestions. I actually passed “A Shade of Vampire” up once because I had no idea if I would like it. If you say it’s good, I will have to give it a try.

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