My 5-image story (couldn’t think of a better title!)

When I was growing up in school, we had the usual required texts to read and the big one that we all hated was “The Great Gatsby”.316394777_524a0d2c3e_b.jpg  (Picture by:

Every class told the class below them to be ready to fall asleep every day and to hate every second of your life when you enter that classroom. Not even joking! It was everyone’s worst nightmare come true. Everyone, that is, except me. I didn’t find it horrifying or death sentencing. It wasn’t the worst 48 minutes of my life and I actually enjoyed going to that class. I could’ve done without the teacher but that’s beside the point. I actually liked “The Great Gatsby”. I think I liked it because we got to read it ourselves outside of class and not just in class with her. I could get into it at my own pace and depict it on my own level. I loved the freedom I had with it.

Ever since that moment, I have been indulged in books, reading, learning and everything in between. My senior year I took Comp 1 & 2 and we had this big book full of different stories and different exercises to practice our own writing. It wasn’t my absolute favorite but it had a lot of interesting short stories that I had never heard of. Can I remember any of them? No, because it was that awful. I still read them though and learned a lot. I was that student who did what she was told and did it without complaining. So everything I read for those classes I did with pride and dignity.untitled (Picture by: Pixabay) I ended up receiving student of the year for my English classes that year and I knew I wanted to be an English teacher. I wish there was a cooler story of how I decided my fate but I don’t so that’s it.

imagesActually I didn’t always want to be an English teacher. I wanted to be a history teacher first but I realized that geography and I do not mix. When I turned to reading, I knew it was the right path for me. The fact that I could possibly get other people, students especially, to read is beyond anything I could ever do on a “good deed” kind of level. I was stoked! Teaching was the right career choice for me and I have stuck with it ever since. College has definitely encouraged that. I’ve had classes with so many amazing people who love to read and learn and I’ve learned so much from them that I can take it to my own classroom and reading life. They have made me want to be a better reader and all-around student.   Cambrian_Student.jpgPicture

My life as reader hasn’t always been good or even considered the life of a reader by some. I can accept that but I am a reader. I grew up reading books and devouring them. And I have loved every minute of it. I will keep reading books until I am old and grey and in a rocking chair reading to my grand-daughter. untitled.png Picture by:


9 thoughts on “My 5-image story (couldn’t think of a better title!)

  1. Wyoming Jen says:

    I love how your images drew me into your tale! I especially like the old person rocking at the end. My question for you is this: would you rather (or did you enjoy more) reading or writing? Which really ignites your passion?
    Awesome post!

    • Thank you for your interest in my post! I would have to say writing ignites my passion more! I’ve always loved writing and how I can lose myself in a piece of my own fiction. The ideas just start flowing from my head and it doesn’t stop for about four or five pages. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read, too! Writing has always been my strong point, though! Which ignites your passion?!

      • Wyoming Jen says:

        I love to read and get others excited about reading. I feel like my calling is getting kids to love reading!

  2. Isn’t it crazy how peers have such a huge influence over each other. You entered that class terrified of The Great Gatsby because of student opinions, only to find out you enjoyed it! It’s great that you didn’t let others sway your own personal judgement and continued your love affair with reading. It is also a great reminder of how to create positive emotions within our own students, knowing that they too influence upcoming friends.

  3. christianburesh says:

    I’m glad you liked Gatsby, but after the events of Literary Criticism, I never want to read that novel again in my natural life. I love how you ended this post.

  4. I wanted to teach history as well but then I got to eighth grade and my English teacher was so amazing I wanted to be just like her. I continued to have amazing English teachers all through high school and my passion for Literature and wonderful authors has not ended. One of the main reasons I want to be an English teacher is to inspire kids to read because I don’t think enough kids know how to enjoy books.

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