NCTE, oh I wish I could’ve met you

I was not able to attend NCTE this year for the lovely reason of work and I needed to pay bills so I was at a crossroad. But I did get to hear and see some lovely things from my classmates as a result of the trip they took! Yes, I was jealous that they got to do so many cool things and learn a lot from this trip, but I was given wonderful gifts in the form of books by a classmate of mine, so it worked out in the end!

I was reading the NCTE posts from our class and one of the posts was about process and how it seemed to be the theme for most sessions. Vicki Vinton mentioned that it was the main theme in one of the sessions that she attended. The session covered areas to help students with revision in both reading and writing. Revision is certainly a process all on its own so it seemed fitting that this would be a topic that was discussed.

I really enjoyed the post “What happens at NCTE doesn’t stay at NCTE” because the blogger literally took what she got from NCTE and blogged about it! It was great to see what she saw at the conference and how it affected her every day life. One of her comments was from a speaker (I’m assuming) and it said that all writing is revision. I love that! Every time you write something down, it has the chance to be revised and revisited a number of times. And even when you think you have the final copy done, there is always something that could be bettered or changed. Revision is huge for me and it is so important in the classroom as well. Revision stimulates thinking creatively and PROCESS!

The last post I read about was the one about Dave Eggers. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he was the 14-year old boy in his story. It was such an inspiring speech that it almost made me tear up. The author of this blog talked about context and how Eggers delivered that in his speech. The context between teacher and student. How one teacher gave that student hope and encouragement to become the writer he is today gives me butterflies. I can only imagine how emotional and loud that room was after all the facts were laid out on the table! What an inspiring and heart-felt moment for everyone in that room!

Even though I couldn’t attend NCTE this year, I still feel like I got a lot out of the posts I have read about. I would like to attend at least once before I become a teacher so that I could get a good grasp on what being an English teacher is all about!


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