Slice of Life: The White stuff has Fallen!

slice of life

Well it’s that time of year again. Lights are hung up, trees are put up the day after Thanksgiving..(I’m guilty), houses start to smell like gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa is being made every hour. But the one thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind, and car, is that wonderful white stuff. SNOW!

I woke up this morning with an urge bigger than ever to head straight for the coffee pot. I made a fresh pot and looked out the window. It was fluffy and every where. I remember thinking that I would have to be the one to dig my way out and I poured another cup. I put my boots on, zipped my jacket and braved the cold.

I get half way done scooping the snow off of my pathway and my neighbor throws her pile onto my path! I stood up and looked at her like “really, you’re doing that to me?” I think she got the hint because she apologized as if I had really said it to her. My look of morning distaste said it all. I finally reach the sidewalk after about 10 minutes of grumbling to myself.

Every time the snow falls, yes, there is shoveling to no end, but I cannot think of anything more beautiful and natural that could happen. I don’t think any of us really take in how beautiful snow can be. We always take it as a nuisance but it’s something else. Something that I can’t explain in words. You can see how beautiful it is when your children build snowmen. You can see it in the snow angels that form. You can see it in the footprints of your dog. It’s the little things that show its true beauty.


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