Getting it Right


I really enjoyed reading this book just because I’m all about the grammar and I think that’s a huge part in an English classroom. I’m always worried about telling a student the wrong thing and then having them do the wrong thing. I think that is pretty normal for a first-year teacher but this book kind of calmed me down for that.

Something that really caught my attention was the fact that we need to teach the important terms but through actual writing. Students do not need vocabulary tests or memorizing what something means but instead they need to be writing with these terms or concepts. They will learn these concepts and probably use them later on with other activities. This will result in better readers and better writers, hopefully. I’ve always thought that students learn better from activities and hands-on material that they would actually use later on. And that is important in any subject and not just writing and reading.

Something else that caught my attention in this book is when to teach certain material. Every teacher has their own opinion on when things get taught and when it is best suitable for the students. It makes sense, to me, to teach the material before the students need it. That way when they get to that area, they know what is going on and they will have an idea. Obviously, you would need to teach grammar before you would move onto writing. And even though that is taught in elementary, I have no doubt I will have to run through it again in my high school classes. As soon as something is taught, it could be connected with other parts of the unit, or later ones, as well.

There are so many great and inspiring ideas and advice in this book that I cannot explain them all. I would suggest this book to anyone who is eager to learn how to teach grammar and everything that comes along with it. I think anyone would benefit from this reading and be able to use it in their teaching skills.



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