To Burn Burgers or to Grade Papers?

Ya know, sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into. Maybe should’ve just bought that old burger and ice cream joint in my hometown. Fixed it up how I wanted it and I would’ve been my own boss. I wouldn’t have to take orders from anyone and I could go through life easy breezy. But then I realize that I have come too far to quit now and I couldn’t give up even if I wanted to. I am so close I can taste it!

Teaching has always been my passion. It has been my dream job ever since I found out anatomy was required to be a masseuse. Science is not my strongest suit so I thought the second best thing would be English! Whenever I think I am too overwhelmed with the career choice I have decided to pursue, I just remember all of the kids I will be able to help and get to know. When I think of that, I know exactly why I didn’t buy that burger joint. Besides, I burn hamburgers anyway. I would’ve gone out of business quickly.

Every day I am in school, I get more and more excited for the future. This might sound weird to some, but I can’t wait to go to school every day for my job. I really enjoyed high school so I’ll be glad to go back for a career choice. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to be a teacher. I just wish I was at that point already!


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