Slice of Life: The BIG 21


So my 21st birthday is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. It has a little bit to do with going to the bar that night but the main reason for my joy is my license turns to the side! Why does that excite me so? Good question. A lot of people think someone’s right of passage for their 21st is going to the bar, but mine is renewing your license. To me, it symbolizes adulthood now more than ever. You are entirely legal and have the freedom to do whatever, within the law. Birthday_candles

I renewed my license yesterday, and I was so happy. When I was filling out that information sheet I kept smiling because I was thinking that this is it! I will be 21 and free. But how free was I really going to be? I am an adult now so with that comes bills, work, graduation, relationships, marriage, kids, college funds, gray hair and eventually the nursing home. Hence the granny panties! >>>imagesK6UOQWLI Whoa. Life just came at me super quick and I’m only to the line with my address. I could I have missed such a big point? I guess I was so busy thinking about not being under control of my parents anymore and being able to go to the bar that I forgot this is it. This is the last birthday that actually means something. Every birthday after this one gets a little more depressing because you’re a year older, you start getting fat, your skin starts to droop, your hearing gets tremendously worse, you’re at a greater risk for heart attacks,your memory gets….oh who am I kidding, you have no memory!

Turning 21 is a huge deal to most people but I kind of want to stay 20 for a little while longer. I want to have one more minute of being controlled by my parents, one more minute of being a kid, one more minute of having perfect hearing, one more minute of being strong and in good health. I want one more minute of being 20.


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