Slice of Life: Just One Smile #SOL

slice of life

Every time I go to work, I brace myself for what’s to come. No I am not a CNA but I am a Dietary Aide. I prepare breakfast, lunch and supper trays for all of the patients and I also make sure they have anything they need to keep them satisfied. Every day I go to work and I go into the patients room to ask them if they would like a snack. But it’s not always an easy task. Sometimes the patient is really old and hard of hearing so I have to yell. Sometimes they are old and can hear perfectly but are so miserable that they do not want to talk to anyone. They hate being in the hospital and they will do anything to show they do not want to be there. Sometimes the patient is super young, like a three year old, and it is so sad seeing them hooked up to the machines. Their parents are laying there in bed with them and watching cartoons just waiting for the doctor to come through the door saying your child is fine and you can take them home. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. Sometimes it is a new mommy with her child who is having trouble breathing and they are in the NICU. All they can do is watch their newborn baby lay there helplessly with no signs of recovery.

My job may seem like a breeze to some people but it really sucks sometimes. Seeing the patients in their worst state is such an eye opening experience for me. When I walk into each room, I see a human being who is just looking for someone to care enough to talk to them and listen to their life stories. And I love it and I love listening to them. All it takes is one smile, one hand to hold and one dietary aide. I love my job and all of the surprises it brings into my life. I am a much better person because of it and all of the patients I meet.


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Just One Smile #SOL

  1. My sister spent two separate two week spells in the hospital. She was always so lonely, and always in such pain. I spent as much time as possible at the hospital, but I couldn’t be there all the time. My sister loved her dietary aid, although food was the source of her pain. Thank you for all you do. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

  2. christianburesh says:

    Reminds me of my mother’s first day in her R.N. rotation. She walks up to an elderly man in a wheelchair and asks “Would you like to go over to the window and enjoy the view?” He replies, “No. Just take me back to my room.” Glad you like the job; I couldn’t do it.

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