My Visions and Values

Without having my own classroom and my own students to teach, I can only imagine my values and visions. I’m sure I’ll go into my first year with the same visions and values that I have now and they will change after the first year. Or maybe they will change after the first semester, or the first quarter, or even the first week! I imagine they will be changing all the time.

I have a vision for my classroom as of right now and it is pretty simple. I’ve taken some ideas from previous teachers I’ve had and some that I’ve observed. I want my classroom to be a place where students can learn but also where they can have some down time to look back on their day and their homework. I want them to be able to work freely on their own but also in group settings as well. I like the idea of a reading corner for those students who like to read in their free time or maybe they would want to do their homework there as well. I observed a classroom with a reading corner and the students took to it quite well.

Speaking of reading, I want to allow ten to fifteen minutes of quiet reading time everyday for my kids. I want them to focus on their reading skills at this time and I will also ask them what they are reading, what they like to read, and how much they are reading outside of the classroom. I think it’s valuable for students to have some reading time every day to have them focus their minds on something that could expand their mind. This brings up imagination and creativity which are two huge things for me!

Writing is obviously a huge factor in schools. But it doesn’t always happen in the classroom. Writing can have so many effects on someone like a stress reliever or something easy like what is on someone’s mind. I like the ideas like free-writes and writing notebooks. Will I use both? I think it depends on the type of class I have and what age group. I probably won’t have the same vision and values for each class because not every class is the same. I will use free-writes probably at the beginning of the class just to settle things down and to get the students focused. I think for an older age group I would use writing notebooks just because generally older kids are more responsible and they could probably do more with that. But this could change completely by the time I’ve been teaching for a while.

I know relationships are huge between students and teachers to build trust so I want to work on that. One way I want to do that as a teacher is to do conferences with every student at the end of each week. Just ask what is going on with their school work, not just my class, ask them how their sports or other activities are going and just to see how they are doing. I want them to know that I care and that I will be there for them if they need my help. I believe this would build trust and build more confidence in myself as a teacher.

Another vision I hold for myself as a teacher is to be an observer. I want to observe my students so I know how they learn something so then I can improve my own teachings to improve their own learning styles. Every child learns differently so I want to know those differences and bring them into my lessons.

Going back to the vision of my classroom, I want to group my students in their desks. I feel as an observer, students learn better and the room has a more relaxed feel to it. It isn’t so strict and boring looking with the straight rows. I am a strong believer that the classroom affects the learning styles of children. Going into a room with no sort of wall art or any kind of bright color anywhere is not a room I want to work in. My classroom will have splashes of color and random wall art that go along with my subject. I believe that a colorful classroom can bring imagination, creativity, willingness and effort. I won’t go crazy but I will have different kinds of art and color in my room.

Like I said before, these will probably change once I start teaching but as of right now, this is what I believe and want for my classroom. What will not change is the vision I have for my students and that is for them to be fully developed readers and writers with a passion for the life I have set as an example from myself.


One thought on “My Visions and Values

  1. It sounds like your classroom will have lots of cooperative learning and maybe collaborative projects? I also like the idea of check-in letters that students write to you to tell you what’s going on with them. I really found it a struggle to manage conferences in my classroom. (I’ve heard a rumor that Penny Kittle is writing a book about conferencing–I really hope that’s true! I NEED that book!) But I loved getting letters from students and writing back to them. I think down time is really important too. My son’s favorite teacher has high expectations for the kids, but she’s REALLY low key, gives kids a lot of time in class to work on things, lets them listen to music and sit where they want. He really excels in her class.

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