Lesson Planning =Control, Discipline, Stress, Migraines, Happiness and MADNESS! But what is a teacher to do?

So lately we’ve been talking a lot about daily lesson plans and what we should do in those lesson plans to have a successful and constructive day! Am I a little overwhelmed? Absolutely! It takes a lot to devise a plan to have order and discipline in the classroom and I feel like that’s what lesson plans do. Sure they give the teacher somewhat of an idea of what their day might go like. Notice I italicized might. I don’t think a teacher’s day ever goes according to how they imagine it going but they might have that one day where they sail through nine periods of perfection. One can only dream. But if the teacher just breathes and goes through the steps of their lesson plan, I think they will be just fine.

I’ve been thinking about how I would want my lesson plan to go and I know I want to start off with some kind of attention grabber and have my students really focus. One of my teachers used to start off with a news article that was completely absurd. They were true but completely ridiculous and random. They definitely caught our attention and got us all conversing with each other and really thinking. I want that to go on in my classroom! Then I want to go into a free-write of about 5 minutes with a topic I give them. It would be a pretty broad topic but specific enough it would be easy to write about. I want to get their creative juices flowing and I think free-write is a good way to do that!

I would then go into my direct instruction over the unit we would be discussing at the time. I’m going to say our unit would be genre studies and going further into it, the study of fiction. It is my favorite genre! I’m picturing my students working on fiction pieces at this time so I would let them get into pairs and discuss what they have so far and see how they could better them from the help of their partners.

I’m assuming that will take a good majority of the class period so before that obnoxious bell rings, I want my students to read their young adult books for the remainder of the time. Now I know there is some spots I didn’t cover but this is just a rough draft of a possible lesson plan I would have. I still have some time before I really need one but it works for me!

Looking at Penny Kittle’s lesson plan for a week, looks like my lesson plan for a day! It’s a little intimidating but she’s great and I would take her advice any day!


One thought on “Lesson Planning =Control, Discipline, Stress, Migraines, Happiness and MADNESS! But what is a teacher to do?

  1. christianburesh says:

    We’re realizing that everything that happens in a classroom is carefully orchestrated with purpose. Nothing is done for the hell of it. Dull moments are deadly for classroom attention.

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