When I think of candy Lifesavers, I think of Teachers


Lifesavers. In my opinion, the best candy on the shelf! They come in different colors and flavors and they can be a hard candy or a gummy! Personally, I choose the gummies. I’ll be honest and say that I buy a bag of lifesavers almost once a week, if not more. It’s shameful but they make me happy so I guess that is all that matters! LOL! 146302839_59f9f56d0e_b

When I think about Lifesavers, I generally think about teachers. They are lifesavers! They do a numerous amount of things that can impact a student so much that their whole life changes. And not just their life but the teacher’s, parent’s and communities’ life as well.  Teachers are the best “candy” on the shelf of life. They don’t even compare to the Snickers, Almond Joys, Butterfingers and Skittles. Teachers go through so much with their students and they eventually become someone that their kids can count on and go to for help with anything.


One thing that a teacher has gone through at least once in their career is dealing with a student who is being neglected academically and/or physically and emotionally. When it is academically, you want to show the student you care about what they are learning, whether that is in your class or another. You need to show them that what they are learning is important for their future. And if it is physically and emotionally, you need to show them that you care about them and they need to see that. Whether that is just with a smile or a simple “hello” in the hallway, they need to see that you care. There are certain boundaries a teacher and student have to apply to but there is always something you can do as a teacher to show that you care about your students. The more you care, the more they will reach out.  This is one of the situations I’m looking forward to the most just because I want to see how I can handle it and what I will do in that particular spot.

All in all, teachers are like Lifesavers. They do so much for everyone and all of the things they go through is amazing. I cannot wait to “save” someone’s life and have them tell me that exactly! I cannot wait to be the best “candy” on the shelf of life!


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