You’re not a teacher; you’re a Champion!


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As I sit here and try to write something worth reading later on, I cannot help but think about Rita Pierson.  I watched her video, “Every Kid needs a Champion” and I can honestly say that I have never felt so encouraged and inspired by someone to become a teacher!  She is amazing and funny at that!  One of the things she said in her video was that kids do not learn from people they do not like.  How simple and understandable is that statement?  We, as teachers, cannot expect to teach students when we have attitudes that show we are miserable or just blah at our jobs.  We have to show our students that they matter and that they can trust us.  Whether that is grading papers or just by saying hello in the hallway.  They need to know that we see them and that we care about their education and the smaller things like their personal lives.  They need a champion!  A champion that likes their job and can do whatever it takes to make sure their students are taken care of.  I believe if we do this, our students will become more engaged and actually want to learn from us.  They will see that we are there for them and not just as adults who show up everyday and teach “stuff”.  I want to be the Heavyweight Champion of English/Language Arts!


One thought on “You’re not a teacher; you’re a Champion!

  1. Isn’t this the most inspiring talk? It’s one that I recommend students bookmark and return to whenever they feel demoralized and need a boost. I truly believe the best thing we can do is be a champion for each student–that’s more important that whatever content we could teach. Great teaching is about relationships, absolutely.

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