Technology in a Year

After reading Randy Bomer’s “Planning for a Year”, I realized there is a lot that goes into planning!  But even though there is a lot in it, it is still important for teachers to do.  One of the things we have to take into consideration is the types of technologies that are available at the time we are teaching and then what will be available in years to come.  Technology has changed so much over the years and it will continue to change so I say that it is the most crucial part of teaching and we need it in our curriculum.  He asks a really important question, in my opinion, which is “What will be the habits the teacher expects students to build in the use of computers and the Internet?”  There is already enough controversy over the use of technology in the classroom, even though it is vital to have, but we need to examine what it is we want our students to grasp.  We want our students to use the Internet safely and in a smart way while coaching them along to not abuse it.  It’s a given that we will have technology in the classroom but we have to learn how to use and teach with it properly.

This is just one small section that Randy touches upon but also makes a huge impact in how a teacher plans their year.  This is one of the issues that really catches my attention just because of how much controversy there is about technology in the classroom.  Yet it is important to have!  I would like to know any other input on technology in the classroom if you have any!


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