Embrace You!

10428694_987450317937509_4761294829707185612_nI remember the smell of monkey bread and coffee on Saturday mornings.  I remember my dad whistling to the tune of Boston or the Eagles.  I remember my mom greeting me with the biggest smile on her face saying, “mornin’ Bre!”.  I remember the looks on my sibling’s faces that read “kill us now, it is too early for this.”  Those two were never morning people!  I can almost feel the sun on my back as I sit in the chair by our big window.  I remember Saturday mornings when life was simpler.10369979_987449977937543_170637367741064066_n

I don’t remember being stressed.  I don’t remember crying out of frustration.  I don’t remember having anxiety attacks during class.  I don’t remember feeling the pressure that comes with finals week.  High school was a much simpler time.  I don’t remember making money and then paying bills with that money.  I don’t remember my days being spent at school and then at work.  I don’t remember being so tired and exhausted that I’m in bed by nine.  I don’t remember becoming an adult.  It kind of just happened.

picture096This is a piece I wrote in class as a way to practice my writing.  I don’t normally write poetry and I consider this piece a form of poetry.  My kind of poetry.  I like to write pieces that have meaning to me and have some kind of connection to my life.  I personally believe that is the best kind of writing.  You get to take a look into the writer’s life and you may even experience some of the same things they do.  This is one of my favorite writings I’ve done because I’ve actually said how I’m feeling about what is going on in my life and I don’t normally do that. And I don’t normally share stuff like this with an audience so there’s a first!  I’ve started to grow in my writing and I’m starting to appreciate my own style.  I’m accepting the fact that I have different ideas than other people and that’s okay.  That’s why I put these pictures of me on here.  I’m different and I’m embracing it!  Growing in this way will help me in my future classroom in many ways.  I want my students to know it’s okay to be happy with what you write.  We all have different styles and we need to embrace that!


5 thoughts on “Embrace You!

  1. First off, love the pictures. You are adorable. Secondly, great post! I love the image of feeling the sun on your back. I can picture laying on my carpet in my room, feeling the warmth from my window. I’m glad you shared this, especially since sharing pieces like this is outside of your comfort zone. Way to brave!

  2. christianburesh says:

    I remember coming to CSC and wondering where all my time went. After a while, I just didn’t notice it and things kept moving. But they still tell me the tassle’s worth the hassle.

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