Special Methods: Week 2

The blog posts we were to read for this week were inspiring in a way.  I felt like these teachers who were sharing their stories were just as afraid and nervous as we, the students of this class, are about our futures as teachers.  The blog post “Getting to Know My Students”, was probably my favorite.  She had a lot of great ideas and tips that every new teacher should know about how to learn about their students.  If I get put into a school with fifty students to a class, I will probably panic a little.  I cannot imagine a class with eighty students.  I would feel like I wouldn’t know anything about my students including remembering all of their names.  I want to be a good teacher and at least remember the names of some of them. LOL!  After reading Sokolowski’s post, I realized that it is okay to get to know your students on a more personal level.  You don’t just have to show up every morning and talk to them in a monotone voice and slide through the day.  It’s okay to listen to them and figure out what they like.  You’re not breaking the rules by knowing your students.  It will help with the connection between student and teacher and I feel like the learning and teaching will have a better outcome.

In this class, I want to challenge and push myself to learn and absorb what I can to be the best teacher I can be.  After this class is over, I want to know that I did the best I could and that my future classroom will have the same characteristics that Dr. Ellington’s had.  Not only do I want my students to feel inspired every time I talk but I want them to feel like they are in a safe space to talk and write freely.  I want them to become the writers they were born to be.


3 thoughts on “Special Methods: Week 2

  1. I see you growing in confidence every week. I know you can be a teacher who inspires and connects! I love what you say in this post and your last one about doing that through writing. I do think that creating the conditions for and inviting authentic writing can lead to some profound literacy experiences for our students.

  2. I totally agree with you on the bigger classes. That is one thing I hope to overcome, giving the attention I want to give to all my students when overwhelmed by their numbers. I think the readings we have done are great resources for us to take from in this endeavor. Good luck!

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