Special Methods: Week 1


Picture CC by: abstract.desktopnexus.com

My first class of Special Methods was an interesting one at that! Going into this, I thought we would talk about the usual stuff that every English teacher knows.  Grammar, standards blah, blah, blah…But that’s not the case here.  We actually get to talk about our own writings and how we can improve our own writings everyday.  We get to discuss why we think reading and writing matter and how we can teach that to our students.

I’m excited to see what this class brings to the table.  Not only for future references but for my own personal writing life.  I want to become a better writer in the process because then my students will take it from me and better their own writing lives as well.  I want to become a teacher for the reason any other aspiring lover of changing someone’s life; to do just that!  I want to have a student that can come up to me and tell me anything that is going on in their lives.  I want to be that teacher that they remember for a long time after they have graduated.  That’s my goal.  I want to change their life for the better!

Wanting to change someone’s life is something to take seriously but before you can do that, you have to change yourself.  You can’t possibly tell someone something and not believe in it yourself.  And I feel like this special methods class will help me to see that!


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