I believe….

I believe that no matter how many hours I spend in the classroom learning about this stuff, I will never be ready or prepared.  I have accepted the fact and I will move on from it.  I believe that reading is the sole most important thing that teachers can actually teach and we need reading to thrive.  It should be done on a regular basis and that’s how I want my classroom to go.  I want my students and myself to read a little each day for the entire school year.  That’s what I believe for reading.

I believe that writing is the core of who we are as humans.  We write everyday for things like grocery lists, love letters and even resumes.  I believe writing, just like reading, is something we need to survive.  And to teach it is something that I will always cherish.  I loved learning to write in grade school and then a little more in depth in high school.  Now in college, I’m learning everything there is to know about it and I want to pass that on to my students.  I believe people need to know how to write and to pass it on from generation to generation.  Writing will keep cities alive!

I believe that as a reader myself, I am lacking.  No I do not read as much as I should or I want and I really want to change that.  And I think going into a career like teaching all of this stuff will help me get to what I want.  And writing is in that same category.  But the classes I’m taking in college are really opening my eyes to how important it is.


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