Juggling my way to…NOWHERE!

I totally forgot to tell you guys about my juggling project!  So, I don’t really see myself joining the circus anytime soon because well this project stunk!  Why I chose juggling as my independent learning project I will never understand.  LOL!  I got the hang of it with two socks but that’s not considered juggling so I would say this project was and epic fail.  I tried really hard I promise, but my hands and brain would just not cooperate!!  I’m sure it takes someone a long time before they become professionals at it.  But I can say I tried something way out of my comfort zone and had fun while attempting it.  Will I ever try it again?!  Probably not!  But I am grateful for this assignment because it did get me out of my comfort zone and I really enjoyed it.  It was also fun to see everyone else’s experiences too!  The video I uploaded is of my first attempt at juggling.  I made others but they got deleted somehow.  But trust me, it didn’t get any better the second or third time around…

My attempt at Juggling! is the name of my video! Enjoy lol


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