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“I actively reflect on my learning, as I know looking back is crucial to moving forward.”-The Principal of Change “The Mindset of an Innovator”

Just by taking this class I have become more innovative in my learning and thinking.  This class has brought so much to my attention that I never would’ve thought to be important as a student.  I’ve learned a lot of new and interesting things this semester and now that I know them I can pursue deeper depths of learning.  Innovation in learning is using your old ways of thinking but mixing those ideas with new ones.  It’s using new technology that you may not be comfortable with and expanding on what you can do with that technology!

Unlearning something is hard to do but I’ve unlearned that not all computer apps are bad to use for school.  I was always told to use the internet as little as possible when it came to different school assignments.  But after taking this class, I will use everything I have learned and better myself when it comes to assignments.  I won’t be afraid to use apps from my computer.  I’ll use the internet more.  I’ll go to twitter and ask around about a certain topic to see what people can give me.  I’ll use social media more for homework and not just socializing!  There is still a lot to learn about teaching or learning so I’m not going to say one thing in particular.  I will never stop learning even when I’m a teacher.  I’m just going to absorb it all and learn that way.

When I have my own group of students, I will be using twitter a lot for our class because I’ve learned it’s a great way to spread ideas and share information.  That’s one thing I’ve loved about this class and the twitter we had.  I also want to use WordPress because it’s another great way to comment and observe what other people are thinking about on a certain topic.  It’s also a great way to jot down ideas or thoughts and to just type anything that comes to mind.

One thing I’ve learned about myself as a learner this semester is that I’m not afraid to try something new.  I give it my best shot and although it may come out a little bad, I know I’ve bettered myself in some way.  It was so fun experiencing all the different tools that we went though this semester and trying them on our own.

Now that this class is over, I’m going to take what I learned from it and kind of mix it in with what I already know and continue learning and pushing myself.


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