Daily Create: Day 20

I chose to do a writing assignment for my last daily create because I loved the assignment.  I have to write about my favorite holiday and what I like about it.  My favorite holiday would definitely have to be Christmas.  I love everything about it but I love my families traditions the best!  Let’s start with what we do.  A week or two before Christmas we put our tree up and decorate it with all of our homemade ornaments from when we were kids.  They always bring up memories and laughs that just fill up the house!  We always decorate the tree with music going and it’s usually “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”.  That’s our favorite! 🙂 Another thing I like about Christmas is my mom’s decorations throughout the house.  They are just so welcoming and they make the atmosphere seem like it is filled with joy and love…which it is!

The smells that our house produces during this time of year are my favorite!  There is cinnamon, nutmeg, pine, turkey, ham, scalloped potatoes and burning firewood.  Every time I smell one of these scents, it reminds me of our gatherings with all the cousins and just enjoying each other’s company.  It’s just the best time of the year!

You know what my favorite part of Christmas is?  It’s the fact that I can be with my family.  Everything else is just kind of a bonus!  The sounds, smells, foods and presents wouldn’t mean anything if I didn’t get to share them with my family.  Christmas is definitely a family holiday for me!


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