Daily Create: Day 19

PicMonkey CollageFor this assignment, I had to make a collage of my favorite vacation spots!  Now they didn’t specify whether they had to be vacation spots I’d been to or in the future.  I picked the future!  The top picture is of the Bahamas.  That is where I want to take my honeymoon.  It is just so secluded and away from everything.  It’s perfect!

The bottom left picture is Ireland.  I’ve got some ancestors that came from there and it would be cool to visit!  It’s such a pretty country!

The last picture is of Italy.  Venice to be exact!  There is just so much history there and I’m a history nerd that I would die if I got the chance to go there.  If I liked it so much I would build a second home there.  But that’s only if I had millions of dollars and a lot of time on my hands 😉 LOL!

I made this collage at PicMonkey.com

Photo CC-By:





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