Canva! The Greatest Online Tool….EVER!

In my visual, I made it very clear that juggling is for seals and bears.  NOT for stressed college kids who have no patience in learning something new!  I thought it was funny 🙂 I used Canva to create this and it was pretty easy learning this new tool.  The only challenging thing was to find pictures that were free so I could use them and not pay for them.  And whenever I learn something new it’s always challenging.  Except juggling!  That is just too much for me to handle!  LOL!! The tutorial was really easy to follow and it gave great tips on what you’d want to include in your visual so I just followed that and then kind of went with my instincts.

This would be a great tool to use in the classroom just to get the students more familiar with different tools to create things like this one.  It’s just a fun project to do and you can use it for anything.  I do believe their is a benefit in presenting information in ways like this because some people work better with visuals than others.  Enjoy!

Juggling is for clowns!


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