Our Dependence on Technology


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I am not one to judge others by their use of technology because I, myself, am dependent on the distraction.  I take my phone with me everywhere like classes, work, drives, out to eat and even when I hang out with my friends.  I don’t normally use it as much when I’m with my friends but I always have it in my pocket.  It kind of worries me how dependent I am of technology.  When we were younger, we didn’t have to worry about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine or any other social media websites.  It was so much easier.  But now my use of technology consumes me when I am working on homework for example or when I’m at work.  It never gets in the way of my doing my job but it’s still bad that I have to have it with me.  This week’s homework assignment about mindfulness about technology really woke me up.  I would say personally that I use technology for almost everything but I know when to stop and take a step back.


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Disconnecting our devices and becoming more attentive could be a little harder for some people.  We need to be more attentive in school, at work, with our friends and family and almost everyday.  Some people think they can multitask when it comes to juggling life and their demands with technology but in reality they cannot.  People need to realize this and wake up from this fantasy they have.  When we fully disconnect from all use of technology is when we are truly present.  That’s when we have the full attention we need to be social with someone else without the use of any devices.  And when we are too far into technology is when we lose all hope of any social interaction.  I believe that that is the problem with our society today.


One thought on “Our Dependence on Technology

  1. I am always worried about my dependence on my cell phone too. It is weird how unsettling most people, myself included, find being without a cell phone. I feel safer with my cell phone somehow. I think it is okay though as long as it stays in your pocket while you are talking to people. Great post!

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