Daily Create: Day 18

What’s in your bag?  I liked this assignment because I have a big purse and I have a lot of stuff in it!  I had to show what all I carry in it.  What is in my bag that helps me get through my days of being a woman?  Well let me show you!

WIN_20150725_200558First of all, I have to have my little germ-ex bottle on my purse.  I use that all the time!  And of course I have my wallet with all of my cards and cash which is a must.  I also have my checkbook but I don’t really use that as much.  I normally have at least three different kinds of gum in my bag at one time.  I have to have variety.  I have chapstick and lip balms because I never let my lips go dry.  I have at least one pair of sunglasses in there even though I have two more pairs at home!  🙂 I have Ibuprofen because you never know when you’ll need it.  And I have some ponytails and a headband in there just in case.  They come in pretty handy believe it or not!  And that’s what is generally in my bag.  I might also hide some candy in the front pockets to nibble on during class!! Shhh… 😉 What’s in your bag?!


One thought on “Daily Create: Day 18

  1. I’d like to switch bags with you, haha. Mine usually only has my wallet and cell phone. If I’m lucky I have some of the same items like gum and ponytails … if I’m lucky.

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