Daily Create: Day 14

So for this challenge I had to create a tattoo that described my personality.  I thought long and hard and couldn’t come up with anything that I liked so I did one better.  I created a tattoo that described my relationship with my brother and sister.  It’s one simple letter and it stands for something.  It means we are all related and we will never be apart.  All of our names start with a B so I thought it was appropriate.  I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo with them so we could all be connected in a way and maybe this will do the trick!  I have two others already and one is with my sister because we’re practically twins and the other is with my best friend because I’d die without her.  Now it’s my turn to get one with my siblings.  B is the tattoo I would get with them.  Be sure to click on the hyperlink.  I created it in a word document so I can’t show it as a picture.  It looks cooler in the document 🙂


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