Digital Activism: Good or Bad?

Teens today are using social media to spread their word about whatever issue they are going against.  It’s actually a very powerful thing because anything that goes on the internet spreads like wildfire.  It’s a good way to get the attention that you are looking for.  Digital activism is spread through tweets, blogs, post updates, likes and anything else that kids use on social media.  We use social media to interact with others so why not use it for good and get your voice heard all over the world.

Using social media can be a great way to cover different kinds of issues.  But it can also be dangerous.  People who use social media in this way put themselves at risk for cyberbullying and even threats on and offline.  Anybody who uses the internet puts themselves at risk like this everyday so it’s really no different.

Talking about different issues that this world is facing is always vital to everyone.  It gets people involved and it lets them know and understand what is really happening to us and the world.  They know that they are affected somehow and they should probably start paying attention to what is going on around them sooner rather than later.  Digital activism is very effective in this way not only because it spreads new quickly but because a good portion of people use social media today.  Everyone who uses the internet is bound to come across something that activists are talking about and it would possibly get them involved.

I’m not much of one to voice my opinion on certain things, but I have voiced my opinions about the legalization of gay marriage.  I’m not going to say much about it but I am totally against it and will continue to voice my opinion until it is heard.  That is all for my activism duties.

I really enjoyed reading the article in Teen Vogue about those girls who are still achieving their goals even though people threaten them and stalk them.  They aren’t going to give up and I think that is very empowering and strong.  If we have a certain issue that we want to get out into the world then we need to stop at nothing until our voices are heard.  Digital activism is a great way to achieve that.


One thought on “Digital Activism: Good or Bad?

  1. I think with everything new there are positives and negatives. Yes, it’s nice that digital activism has been created through use of the social media, but you bring up a good point about the negatives. Those who voice their opinion are not always safe. They often face online ridicule and threats. Sometimes you have to weigh the benefits of speaking your mind with the dangers.

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