Daily Create: Day 11 Freshmen Move in Day

10868045_987450137937527_2213090590831457758_nMy first day of my freshmen year in college was a hard one but also exciting.  I had nerves the night before I moved because I knew everything was about to change.  I knew my parents weren’t going to be there every time I needed them and I knew I had to grow up even if I wasn’t ready to.  But moving day finally came and it was probably the longest drive to Chadron that I had ever drove.  I was with my mom and my dad was behind us with my bigger things.  When we got to Chadron my nerves shot through the roof and I thought I was going to throw up.10428694_987450317937509_4761294829707185612_n

I had never seen my room until that day and the moment I saw it, I got a huge grin on my face.  This was my room and I would be living here for the next year.  I would make memories in this room and I couldn’t wait to start making them.  My parents helped me unpack and I finally got to meet my roommate.  She was so quiet and shy that it was very awkward at first.  We warmed up to each other eventually.  As the last shirt was hung and the last pillow was cased, it was time for my parents to leave.  I knew I was going to cry on this day the moment I graduated from high school and my mom knew it too.  It wasn’t so bad with her because we were both trying to be strong for one another.10369979_987449977937543_170637367741064066_n  But when it was my dad’s turn, that’s when I lost it.  I hate seeing my dad cry and he was in tears.  I’m his baby and the last one to leave the nest so it was extra hard for both of us.  Once the tears were gone and the goodbyes were said it got a lot better.  My parents left and I was off on my own with a new life of college and memories to be had.  And to this day it is still going good!

These pictures are just from my freshmen year.  Obviously not all of them, but these were my favorite! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Daily Create: Day 11 Freshmen Move in Day

  1. Love your photos! Your post reminds me of my move in day…none of the girls on my floor would even come out of their rooms! Its amazing how things change, and even for the better! I absolutely loved my freshman year of college!

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