Daily Create: Day 10 That Bucket List Though

WIN_20150717_234752For this challenge, I had to create my bucket list.  I just had to do 5 things that I really want to try.  Now this was somewhat easy because I’ve known what I wanted to do in my life for a while now.  My #1 is to visit Italy.  I’m somewhat of a history nerd and think it would be so cool to visit one of the most historical places on Earth!  I’ve seen pictures of it but I don’t think they do it justice!  My #2 is to teach abroad for one year.  I don’t really care where I go but I think it would be cool to teach in either Ireland or Scotland.  I have a little of both in my blood so I could possibly learn a little about my history too!  My #3 is to go to a Broadway musical in New York.  Why?  Musicals are cool and New York has good hot dogs, duh!  My #4 is to ride a camel in Egypt.  I’ve seen it so many times in movies or on reality shows and it just looks so cool!  And who doesn’t want to ride a camel?!  My #5 is to sit with a monk on the top of a really high mountain and learn to meditate.  I could really learn how to slow down and to actually see a monk in real life….Awesome!  What’s yours????


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