I just totally Google’d myself…..CRAY CRAY!! (that means crazy!)


CC Picture-By sites.google.com

So I’ll be honest, I’ve googled myself before just because I was curious.  It’s kind of cool because you never know what will show up, which could also be scary. LOL!  When I googled myself I got a bunch of things from high school.  Weird?  I was an athlete in high school and played volleyball and ran track for four years.  I made it to state track for three years and placed in two of those years.  We never made it to state volleyball but I had a great four years playing.  A lot of the websites are results from track meets or from the state meets in Omaha.  Here is one of the links.  This link shows how I did in track all four years of high school.  It’s fun looking back on it now and remembering the good ole days!  It also makes me sad because I loved high school and I miss it a lot.

Some links that are not related to school are Facebook and Pinterest.  I do love my social media and checking in on everyone.  I also love my Pinterest because I’ve gotten great ideas from there!  My twitter and YouTube account also show up there.  And if I click on images I can see some of my old pictures from track and volleyball.  I would say my online identity tells a lot about how I love sports and that I was very active in high school.  I would be totally fine with that if people knew I was and still am athletic.  It’s good to exercise and take care of yourself and that’s what I do.  My future employers might find out that I have a Facebook but I’m not active a lot of the time.  They might realize that I like to be apart of social websites but they do not have a power over me like they do on others.  I would be totally okay if someone checked up on my social sites to do a little background check because I have nothing to hide.

Doc1 is a screenshot of my google page!  It’s kind of interesting!  I could only put in a word document for some reason lol.  Check it out!


3 thoughts on “I just totally Google’d myself…..CRAY CRAY!! (that means crazy!)

  1. This is a great article, Breanna! I like how you own up to your online self and aren’t afraid to others finding those things out about you. There’s not a lot of people like that. Good stuff!

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