Digital Citizenship!

Digital citizenship basically covers how to behave when using technology.  In the video on “What is Digital Citizenship”, one of the comments said that “installing ethical behavior ought to be out number one concern.” (Prensky 2010).  I couldn’t agree more.  People need to know who to act when facing different technologies.  They need to be informed on different methods on using technology.  Another comment said that students need to not only be knowledgeable in technology but also how to act.  If they are going to be using sites like Facebook or different blogs, for example, then they need to know how to be appropriate when using them.  How we present ourselves through our technology use blends over into our personal lives.  If we do not act ethically around the internet then what is stopping us from acting that same way in reality?

This is where cyberbullying comes into play and other effects of inappropriate technology use.  We need to teach not only students but everyone how to become smarter when using these sites.  Everything that goes onto the internet will be on there forever and it won’t always turn out on the sunnier side.  Be careful what you put on the internet!  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that quote.  I’ve heard it from my teachers, parents and pretty much everyone I know.  But it’s true.  We need to be careful about what we put on the internet.  It’s just a fact of life.

I really enjoyed watching the TEDtalk about how your online life is as permanent as a tattoo.  That is a great comparison!  I have tattoos myself and they are personal tattoos that mean something to me.  I never thought about how my online life would be so personal to me.  It shows who I am and it’s basically my identity which is kind of scary.  Electronic tattoos are with us forever just like real tattoos.  I liked the part of the video where it said that we will all be famous for fifteen minutes.  Everyone will know us personally.  But what if we were anonymous for fifteen minutes?

Basically, we need to be smart about what we put on the internet.  It will stay with us forever and that could lead to serious consequences.

TEDtalk! Check this out!


One thought on “Digital Citizenship!

  1. The idea of an electronic tattoo is kind of scary! Everything we post is out there available forever somehow or other. Even what we delete can still be retrieved by people who know how to do such things (in other words, not me.) I have also read the analogy of the footprint in the sand vs footprint in concrete. Our digital footprints are like footprints in concrete–they LAST.

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