Update……Juggling and why I still regret it! (Independent learning project)

So I know I said I would post a video of me juggling or at least attempting it, but I’m still not quite there.  This is way harder than I imagined and maybe that’s just because my hands and brain do not work well together like that!  Although I will say I have made somewhat of an improvement from last time.  Honestly though, I think that improvement is only in my ability to not laugh as much at myself.  But, I’ll take it!  Every attempt makes me better so that’s what I’ll keep doing!

When it comes to mastering a certain technique or anything out of my comfort zone, I have to be perfect at it.  I don’t know if I would say that is a flaw or something to be proud of.  I don’t stop until it is perfect and sometimes that can cost me time and energy.  Juggling is definitely making me extremely O.C.D.!!  I know that it is still early in the project and that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself but I can’t help it!  It comes naturally.  I guess it’s the competitive athlete in me!  I’m like this with everything in my life.  I have a feeling it is only going to make me stronger when it comes to having a backbone.  I will never give up on something and I will never give in.  I will not back down but I will put up a fight.  I will always compete to be the best.

Hopefully next time I talk about my project, I can actually show you what I’ve gotten myself into.  LOL!  But until then….


3 thoughts on “Update……Juggling and why I still regret it! (Independent learning project)

  1. keep up the good work! I am still struggling with meditation too! Perhaps summer is not the time to try to relax… Ugh. I feel your frustration, but love that you are staying positive.

  2. You should make a video of now and then a video during the last week so you can see how much you have improved! If it were me, I might not share it, though. I’d be too subconscious haha.

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