Daily Create: Day 6

I’m not trying to make excuses for not getting this challenge done, but this week has just been absolutely crazy!  Even though it is still summer, I am swamped with work and school!  UGH!  I just get so caught up in the moment that I focus my energy on other things and then forget about the smaller things I had planned to do.  But that’s enough apologizing for now.  For this challenge, we had to create a poem from the point of view of someone who is dying and knows it.  Kind of creepy when you think about it. LOL!

Lying here

Eyes are filled

Tears roll down

They all watch

Silence comes

Mournful cries

This is it

It is time

Time to go

I’m ready

Unplug it

I love you all


If you read this, let me know what you think it is that I am talking about.  It would be fun to see your opinions!  Let me know if this is convincing! Stay tuned for more creations! 🙂

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