Daily Create: Day 5

This challenge kind of brought me back to a simpler time when pictures were squares, triangles and circles.  No matter what the picture was of, those three shapes made that picture!  The challenge was to draw a picture using those three shapes and I had a hard time deciding what to draw.  I tried a bike but it did not look anything like a bike!  Then I tried SpongeBob but he looked creepy!  Then I figured I might as well do the traditional house and sun.  I’m pretty sure I’ve drawn a hundred of these kinds of pictures in my life but this one might just be my favorite!

As you can see, I did the house as a square with a triangular roof and a square chimney.  I did all but two windows as squares and the other two was a circle and a triangle.  I put triangular curtains in them to add a little more “charm” to the house!  The stepping stones leading up to the house are squares and the flower beside the house is made up of all the shapes.  The sun is, of course, a circle with square rays.  And the chimney smoke is made up of a lot of little circles.  And that picture is made up of just squares, triangles and circles!  Stay tuned for more Creates! 🙂



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