Daily Create: Day 3

So for this challenge we had to do boundaries.  I don’t know if I did it correct but it made sense to me.  There are two parts to this challenge.  The first part is to find two things that share a common boundary.  I chose my bed and the comforter that covers it.  The second part is to alter it somehow.  So I got under the covers and stood on my bed with the comforter over my head!  It made sense in my mind and technically I am altering a boundary!  Enjoy!

WIN_20150707_192441This picture is just the bed and comforter with nothing altering their boundary.

WIN_20150707_192530In this picture, I, myself, am altering the boundary between the bed and comforter!  I apologize if I look scary! This has probably been my favorite challenge yet just because I got to feel like a little kid again! Stay tuned for more!


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