Podcasts. Good or Bad for the classroom?

Podcasts and digital stories in the classroom?!  Sounds like an alright idea, right?  Personally, I like physically reading something to learn whatever it is that that I’m reading about.  That’s the way I’ve grown up in the education system and that’s how I’ve come to love reading so much.  There was one time in Jr. High where my history teacher played our text book through a tape player and I wasn’t a huge fan of it.  I lost attention and focus when I wasn’t the one reading the text.  Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I prefer the old school way and using your own eyes and mind to read it.  The only disadvantage I can see from this is that the students might lose some of their ability or interest in reading.  Sure, they might read other things and not completely stop reading all together, but I just feel like they would slowly lose interest in their reading.  And that would be a real shame because reading is something amazing and it should never be lost.  Maybe I’m thinking way too into this but this is what I think of it and sharing it with anyone who reads this might start up a good convo!

I was really surprised to see how many teachers actually like podcasts or digital stories.  The technology world is changing in our education system and teachers are trying to stay up to date on the newest thing.  I can see why teachers are trying podcasts out on their classrooms.  Maybe I’m just senile but I just don’t believe in using podcasts in the classroom.  Just my opinion but please give me your input on this subject!  I would love to know other people’s opinions for why these might be good or bad in the classroom!


One thought on “Podcasts. Good or Bad for the classroom?

  1. Breanna,

    I completely agree with you! It sounds weird but I like reading because of the smell of the paper. The old thick pages like parchment smell like a musty attic while the newer books that have a sheen to them smell like some sort of plastic. Both are good (weird, I know), but that’s what excites me and gives me the motivation to read. So to have a pre-recording of the book in the classroom is to devoid me of a learning experience that I would greatly benefit from. Keep the books around!

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