Why Oh WHY did I choose Juggling?!


Sooooo, update on my Independent Learning Project!  As you can see from my title I am questioning why I chose this particular skill to learn. LOL!  Well if you saw my first go around with it, you would know why!  I made a video of myself attempting to master this fine craft and, well, it kind of stunk.  I used three pairs of socks that were wadded up in balls.  (That’s how I fold my socks! Don’t judge!)  I figured that would more than likely be the easiest thing to juggle.  That or the kitchen knives….JUST KIDDING!  I’ll do those for my grand finale!  Anyway, before I start to juggle the socks, I try and go back to remember some kind of helpful tip that my PE teacher would give us about juggling.  Nothing came to mind…So I decided to wing it!  More like fling it I should say!  The socks went everywhere!  Mind you, I did this in front of my sister and she was laughing quite loudly and a lot so it was hard to concentrate.  I’m blaming some of my failure on her laughing!  I figured my audience had enough entertainment for one day so one time was enough for me.  I put the sock neatly back in their drawer and haven’t touched them since.  Now that doesn’t mean I have just left this project in the dust.  I’ve been watching videos on YouTube on how to juggle and they have actually been helping.  Does this mean I’ll be able to juggle any time soon?  Absolutely not!  But it does give me a little confidence boost and a little pat on the back saying it’s ok when my socks fly everywhere!  Which is helpful in the long run.  Learning something new isn’t easy.  But with a little help and a little nudge to keep trying, you just might get the hang of it in the long run!

So, until next time……

CC Picture-By commons.wikimedia.org


4 thoughts on “Why Oh WHY did I choose Juggling?!

  1. Juggling sounds like an ambitious goal! I love how you wrote about your humorous experience. I’m glad you chose socks or knives (just saying!). I’m also glad someone else is doubting their choice for the personal learning project I chose meditation, easy right? Not so much! Anyway, keep on going, dig those socks out of the drawers, I think you’ll get this!

  2. Juggling definitely isn’t the easiest thing to do. Thank you for being willing to share your experience with us. It’s important to remember that failure is a big part of learning. I choose learning sign language, and I’m sure my siblings are getting a kick out of wathcing me attempt to move my fingers to make words. I’m glad you found some videos to watch. Hopefully you’ll be able to get the confidence to get those socks out again!

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