Storytelling…With a twist!?


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ds106….a weird name for something that has to do with storytelling.  Also called Digital Storytelling, this interactive and simple tool is an online course that actually started at the University of Mary Washington by Jim Groom.  It is a free course and you can seriously go in and out of it whenever you feel like it!  To further explain what this course does, it allows you to create and explain a story about whatever it is that you want to tell.  What I got from this website is that you can interact with other users about your stories or their stories.  Basically, you will develop skills in the digital world about how to create, interact, communicate through technology and come into your own identity through networking.  Sounds like a pretty good course to take, in my opinion!

One of the questions my teacher wanted us to answer is how can you use ds106 to inspire creativity in my own life or classroom.  Well, being able to create your own stories about anything and being able to do whatever you want with them, I think, is enough of a reason to do it anyway.  You would have so much freedom to do whatever you want!  Seeing those words as a student, would get me so excited to learn and create something awesome!  I would tell my future students that same thing and I would tell them to just go nuts!  Have fun and learn something worth remembering!! I would tell them to tell me something about them in a way that would get them to open up and get out of their comfort zones.  You want your kids to be able to express themselves and to believe in what they are producing.  Even if it is with something they may not know how to use.  Tell them the sky is the limit and that they CAN do it!640px-IMAGINATION_by_archanNCC Picture

The website shows many great examples of some of the projects that students from all over have done in this course.  They were really fun to watch and learn from.  There are a lot of different things you can go to on the website to help you in learning how to use it and what to do for the course.  It was really helpful and kind of fun exploring what all goes into the learning process of this website.  You can tell these people have a lot of fun and they learn a lot from what they do on there. I can’t wait to get started!


4 thoughts on “Storytelling…With a twist!?

  1. I agree that giving students the responsibility and the opportunity to use this resource and create different stories will motivate them in the learning process. They will be more apt to doing different projects and activities because it will be fun and engaging for them!

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