PLN? Please Listen Now! This PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK will help you!

As a future educator, I’m all about communicating with fellow educators about what it is that they went through to get where they are now.  I want to hear their stories and get advice from them on ways to better my teaching skills.  Reading about PLN’s (Personal Learning Network) made me realize just how helpful they could be to educators.  Having a PLN is a great way to have meaningful and rich conversations with people who are going through, or have gone through, exactly what you are going through.  Before I get too ahead of myself, let me explain what a PLN is.

PLN stands for a Personal Learning Network.  It’s basically where you can create relationships with other educators and ask for or give advice about any questions you may have about teaching or the classroom.  You can share ideas and learn from the others to better yourself in the subject that you wish to teach further.  This allows people from all over the world to talk to each other and create the network part of a PLN.  It’s actually really fascinating when you think about it.  I’ve created a hyperlink above so just click on it and read the following website.  It gives you great information about what a PLN is and how to build your own.

First, I started with my twitter account.  I went to google and typed in “English teachers to follow on twitter”.  A lot of different websites popped up and I just started looking through them to find what I needed.  I made sure I looked closely at what they tweeted about and if they were teaching my subject.  I followed at least ten new people and even retweeted some of their tweets!

I’m going to keep increasing my twitter account by following more and more English teachers and learn from them! I’m excited to experience this journey and grow in my skills as a future teacher and hopefully learn more each day!

Now on to my blog!  I went to and typed in teachers in the search box.  There was all sorts of them to follow!  I followed one that talked about a clutter-free classroom and another that blogged about how not to be a boring teacher!  I read into some of them even more closely and they are really insightful.  Without learning about a PLN, I wouldn’t have found these extremely helpful blogs and twitter feeds that will help me later on in my teaching career!  Awesome! No, my PLN is not done growing but I thought this was a really good start!  If you are looking to start your own, please read this!


4 thoughts on “PLN? Please Listen Now! This PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK will help you!

  1. I love how you included instructions for how you found people to follow on Twitter and Feedly. I think this will be really helpful for your readers. I also often see who my favorite tweeters and bloggers follow. Some bloggers have a blogroll on their blogs so it’s easy to find the blogs they most like to read.

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