Independent Learning Project: Juggling! Oh boy….


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I’ve been giving this Independent Learning project a lot of thought and honestly I’m still not sure what I want to do.  But….I’m leaning more towards juggling!  I’ve always found it somewhat fascinating that someone can throw three or more objects in the air and keep them there without any trouble.  Especially at circus’s when clowns can balance on one foot while talking to another clown while juggling!  I think I’ll just stick with the juggling part though…HAHAHA!! crownPicture CC-By

In elementary, my PE teacher would do different activities with the students and juggling was one of them.  We did it with colored tissues because they were light enough to float in the air and it would give us time to catch them.  It was really easy because he would give us little hints on how to make it easier.  When I start this project, I’ll start with tissues to get the hang of it and then slowly work my way up to balls.  I’ll try and use tennis balls as my last level of juggling and see if I can do it!  But before any of that starts, I think I’ll watch a lot of videos on YouTube to help me focus on the task at hand.  This is going to be very tricky but I think with practice, I’m sure I can get it!


10 thoughts on “Independent Learning Project: Juggling! Oh boy….

  1. Breanna, it looks as though you might have your hands full! (haha very punny) But really though, I hope you do get this juggling act down! I remember doing juggling as a P.E. exercise in elementary school as well and thought it was one of the most fun activities I’ve ever done (except the parachute. That will always be the best!). I would always get frustrated because I swear, my tissues were heavier than everybody else’s! I watched as my classmates moved on to rings and later tennis balls while I remained on those tissues. So I really hope your juggling goes well so you can fulfill both of our dreams of becoming a world-class juggler! Oh, was that just my dream? Well, it looks like I’m S.O.L.!

  2. Juggling is a terrific idea for an Independent Learning Project! It’s fun, different, and manageable within our time frame. I think I am far too clumsy to even TRY this, but I can’t wait to read about your adventures (and maybe see a demonstration in the fall!!)

  3. Sounds fun! I haven’t ever been able to juggle; not coordinated enough I suppose. This sounds like a very fun and stress-free learning project. Good luck!

  4. Juggling sounds like a really fun and different thing to learn. It is definitely something that will push you and help you to develop different skills. Personally I’m not sure if I could ever master the art of juggling. Good luck on your project! I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventure.

  5. This is fantastic! What a cool skill to have in your back pocket! In one of my education classes we were told that we should develop a skill or trait that would set us apart, so that if we were ever asked in an interview what makes you different than the rest of the applicants you could share something with them. I think this would be an awesome skill to share!! You could show them that you are creative, fun, and entertaining!! That is what every student is looking for in a teacher and a hiring board will be very aware of that! Good Luck:)

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