Your PLN is hungry! FEED IT!

Building your PLN is probably one of the most important things you can do when becoming an educator.  Howard Rheingold gives great advice on how to do just this!  He has eight tips and they are:

1. Exploring is the best way to find new bloggers and twitter lovers to follow.  It makes sense that exploring is better than just knowing people to follow.  You could come across something amazing that could really be helpful in the long run.  I’ve found that searching through different sites can lead you to some pretty good stuff.  You gotta be a little nosey to find the good stuff!

2. Basically you can use different tools to help you find people with knowledge on what it is you’re looking for.  It’s always nice to have people you can go to, to help you with whatever you want!  When you don’t really know anything about whatever it is you’re going after, you could always use a second hand!

3. His third tip really makes sense.  Once you’ve found people to follow, keep an eye on them to see if what they post, works with what you want.  It doesn’t make much sense to follow someone if you cant communicate with them about your subject.

4. Keep your network fresh!  Drop people who don’t work with you.  Add new people with fresh ideas and advice and keep collecting that information that you desire!

5. Return the favor!  Keep your followers happy with things that may interest them.  They feed you some good stuff so it’s only right to do it for them!  This will keep your followers interested in you.

6. Thank your followers!  They do a lot for ya!  Create some deep and meaningful conversations with them.  Get the most out of them, they follow you for a reason!

7. Ask questions, give answers.  Be meaningful with your answers or else your followers wont want much to do with you.

8. Be courteous to others.  They will be the same way to you as you are to them so be careful what you say.

From reading this article, I’ve definitely learned a lot about how I can better my PLN.  To get others to follow me I need to be courteous to them and return the favor.  I need to keep my network fresh and reliable so that they will stay interested in what I’m doing.  The only challenge I see with this is actually keeping my followers interested.  That worries me so I think that will push me to do my absolute best at this!

If you would like to read this article so that you can create your best PLN, here’s the website!


6 thoughts on “Your PLN is hungry! FEED IT!

  1. I loved your title! I thought you emphasized that a PLN needs continuous upkeep and I think that’s important to remember. I also liked that you linked the actual article to your blog post. Great work!

  2. Love your post! To me, this was fairly simple considering we have always been taught to equip ourselves with resources that would help us to accomplish our goals! I love the thought of PLNs and the effect they can have on a person’s ability to learning more from other people around them!

  3. I especially like what you say about “returning the favor.” I know this can be challenging for pre-service teachers who are trying to create a PLN focused on education, but writing blog posts like this one and sharing with your followers is a terrific way to share “items of value” with your PLN!

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