Nebraska: The Good Life

 Good morning fellow bloggers!  It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in good ol’ Chadron, Nebraska!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the people are smiling.  It’s a great day to be living and to just be here.  Why live any where else?  Sure I would like to try out other states eventually and make my around the country but Nebraska will always be my home.  People always say they want to move out of Nebraska one day or some might ask why live here at all.

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock


From the friendliest people to the prettiest views of the plains, it’s a great state to be a part of!  Being a Cornhusker fan has always  been apart of my “resume”.  “Oh yes I am from Nebraska!  I’m proud to be a Husker and yes I love it there!”  I grew up on Husker football games, Big Red stew, cornbread, church and the crazy weather we get here.  There is something different about living in Nebraska.  Yes, every state has pride, but Nebraska doesn’t just have pride.  It has friendship, love, kindness and most of all, support.  I couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else.  It will always be apart of my life whether I move somewhere else in the future or stay here until I’m 99 years old!  I will always be proud to wear that Husker red on game days and show that I AM from the greatest state of this country!  GO BIG RED!


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