INFUSE Passion!

After reading George Couros’s blog ‘School vs. Learning’, I couldn’t believe how many of those were true and that I agreed with!  My favorite would probably be that school promotes starting by looking for answers and learning promotes by starting with questions.  If that statement isn’t accurate then I don’t know what is!  I bet if you tell any teacher that, they would say that is true.  I would take learning over school any day just because it’s more on a personal level and it requires deep thinking and understanding.  This blog is worth looking at if you want your students to be learners instead of just learning stuff.  There are some really good points that he makes in here that would astonish any teacher and make them think twice about learning.

Now if you’re already a teacher or not quite there (like me), please read this article!  it gives such great advice about infusing your students with passion for your subject!  One of the ways to infuse passion into your students is to indulge in your own passions first.  I never would’ve thought about that but it kind of makes sense.  When they see that you are passionate in something, then it will rub off onto them.  Which takes it into another.  Tell your students about your passions!  Let them know that you’re not some boring teacher and that you have a life too!  After reading this article, it got me thinking about my own passions and how I don’t really know what they are! GASP!!  I guess I’ll be doing a little extra thinking on that one!  It’s funny what you learn about yourself when you read things like this.  Even if it may not read into what you personally do, it can easily mesh into your life.  I like reflecting like this because it really gets me thinking about my life and what kind of a teacher I will be.  It’s rewarding in a way that I find another part of me that may have been lost.


6 thoughts on “INFUSE Passion!

  1. Breanna,
    I read this same article and loved it as well. It was well written and easy to understand. I too believe that passion is contagious. The fact that you are continually learning about yourself proves that you are reflective! That is fantastic. You will be a great teacher.

  2. I agree Breanna. I love that article. I believe that as future educators we need to put some emotion and passion in the classrooms to allow our students to have fun and exercise their creativity.

  3. That was one of my favorite comparisons that Couros made too! I think it is so true! I agree that anyone who is a teacher or wants to be a teacher should read his blog! It’s good to start thinking about your passions! I hope you figure them out.

  4. I think it would be interesting to increase the size of the visual he had created to support his point, take it into the classroom, and ask kids how we could achieve those bigger “goals” to make learning more interesting, engaging, etc.

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