Hacking is a good thing?!

I really enjoyed reading Bud Hunt’s blog post about lenses.  At first, I was like where is he going with this but the further I read, the more it made sense.  The best idea in this blog, I thought, was bringing in the concept of lenses and all the things they can help eyesight with.  I also liked how he said that making things is essential to the craft of teaching and learning.  I couldn’t agree more with that.  That is a good way to know what your students are learning and if you are doing your job as a teacher.  I’ve always felt that I personally learn better if I can visually see the information.  It stays better within the lenses of your mind.

What I found the most interesting was the part about hacking and how we’ve lost the word in a sense.  I had no idea “hack” meant a fiddle that improved a process or program.  I did know what a hacker was, however.  I should’ve put two and two together but you learn something new everyday, right?  We talk about hackers like they aren’t the kind of people we want to have in this world but actually we do.  It makes sense why after reading his post!  It’s kind of a crazy idea to think that we can learn from hacking something LOL.

I also found the part about playing funny too.  When we are little kids, playing with things helps us to understand them more.  We play with blocks and learn how to build them into a tower.  We play with shapes and learn what they are.  Or something more physical, we learn about the outside world if we play in our sandbox or treehouse.  Playing does involve learning and it doesn’t happen by instruction but more naturally within ourselves.

Overall, his post really got me thinking about different ways to learn that I already knew or that might be new to me.  I think after all of this reading, I realized I need to play more!  But more of a grown up manner.  I need to get my brain thinking again and hacking might be one of the ways I do it.  And no I will not become some genius hacker who everyone hates and will eventually be chased down by the FBI.  I’m not that serious about it!


7 thoughts on “Hacking is a good thing?!

  1. First of all, I really like your blog! It is so colorful and awesome! As adults, we often lose the ability to play and really enjoy ourselves. If you ever watch children, they will dance without fear of embarrassment and they will imagine without restraint. Adults need to learn how to be imaginative again. I was surprised at the true meaning of hacking too; I always thought of it as a computer nerd who gets into government agencies and steals all their secrets…what a surprise! I also really enjoyed the lenses metaphor that Bud Hunt used! Thanks for your thoughts! Awesome post!

    • Thank you for the compliment on my blog! 🙂 I totally agree with your comment on how adults need to learn to be young again! This world is too serious at times. And I think everyone thinks that’s what hacker means LOL. It’s funny when you think about how many people don’t know the true meaning.

  2. I was also surprised by the initial definition of hacking. It’s funny how a word can change meaning through the passage of time. It’s also interesting that most of the general public probably knows the later definition which has such a negative connotation. Who knew it’s actually a good thing to be a hacker?

      • I think an interesting assignment for high school students would be to track the meanings of certain words or phrases. Where did the phrase “bought the farm,” come from?

  3. I absolutely love how Bud Hunt tries to reclaim hacking. I feel like hacking is absolutely essential to good teaching. We have a system that works for some students and not for many others. What can we do to improve it? And I hear you about play. I’m so serious: play is not my forte at all!

  4. Reblogged this on chelsealapp and commented:
    I think that us as learners and as teachers need to find new ways to learn and fun different ways to learn. Learning about hack schooling was a lot of fun and I am glad I got to read about it and watch a video on it.

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